Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In which you'll get an opportunity to point and laugh at ugly ugly code

So I've implemented a first stage prototype (I love using those words) of the "Dependency Walker" continuous effects sorter, the basics of which I went through in the last post. So now the process will be something like:

Card tells the engine it wants to supply a continuous effect, and supplies the different parts of the effect in addition to what the entire effect(or parts of it) depends on (such as "Targets type" for Gaia's Anthem) as well as which layer each part goes in. The engine sorts those layers first by CDA-nonCDA,then by Dependency using this code below and then by timestamp (also below).

NOTE: That I still think I have some corner cases to handle, but the principle will be the same.
EDIT: Of course, there's also the rather BIG corner case (:P) of having no circular dependency, in which case the walker shouldn't be used at all. Fixed.

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