Friday, July 23, 2010

Continuous Dependencies

Just a quick post today, since I've only just gotten home late last night and am settling back in.

However, this is not really an issue that will be tackled quickly. I will describe the idea I had for dependencies in the layer system,though.

613.7a An effect is said to “depend on” another if (a) it’s applied in the same layer (and, if applicable, sublayer) as the other effect (see rules 613.1 and 613.3); (b) applying the other would change the text or the existence of the first effect, what it applies to, or what it does to any of the things it applies to; and (c) neither effect is from a characteristic-defining ability. Otherwise, the effect is considered to be independent of the other effect.
The idea I had is that, in C# (and other languages on the .NET platform) you can use techniques known as "Reflection" to access to structure of the various objects your program. I will use reflection to obtain, for each entry into the layer system, information about which of the characteristics(Members of the card object, or possibly the card objects CharacteristicCollection object) that entry depends on and what values it depends on these characteristics being.(Sentence trainwreck, woo) as well as what characteristics it changes. This way, I have all the data I need to sort after first CDA(Characteristic Defining Ability)/non-CDA, then dependency, then timestamp in each layer before running the effects of the layers.

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